I recently earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame, and am an affiliate in the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity. In Fall 2018, I will join the Sociology & Criminology department at Valparaiso University.

My research interests include sociology of education, social stratification, racial and ethnic self-identification, and research methods. I have completed qualitative and quantitative projects exploring organizational and individual obstacles facing low-income and minority students in educational achievement and attainment. Other work is situated on the racial and ethnic identification process of multiracial individuals.

In addition to this research, I have served as an Editorial Associate for the American Sociological Review, as the student representative for the Sociology of Education section of the American Sociological Association (ASA), and am currently the student representative for the Children and Youth section of ASA.

My teaching experience includes instructor for undergraduate statistics, TA for graduate statistics, and as co-instructor for a community-based course on Latino communities. In the fall I will teach introduction to sociology, social stratification, and sociology of education.